S’all A Blur

Last week was a prime example of why we should take it all in while we can because before ya know it, it’s gone. Not to sound too dramatic but last week I switched gears rather suddenly – they pulled me off the rails and put me in the city with a new plate of challenges. It’s exciting and overwhelming all the same.


I can’t help but be a little sad to leave the beautiful country. So glad that on my last night (which I did not know was my last night) I shot and videoed my heart out. None of which is on this post but I plan to use it for promotional work :)


There are some perks to living in the city full time … ;)


(^^ That’s a Lightroom screen and yes I have an engagement to finish editing but it will hit the blog hopefully soon)

Hunting around town with realtors :)


Fancy Banquets with no proper camera ♥


Hanging out with my new friend Louis – I am not a dog person whatsoever but I can actually handle this little guy. He hardly makes a peep and is just a happy camper.


Loving the fall colors so much ♥

amanda_affleck_photos_0177 amanda_affleck_photos_0178

Why am I updating my blog when I have a full day ‘a training tomorrow followed by a Finance exam in the eve … Oh boy, wish me luck.


One thought on “S’all A Blur

  1. Aw I love Louis! Oh and welcome to the city!! We’ll have to meet up when things aren’t so busy for ya! ….does that ever happen? ;)

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