How We Got Our LP Slogan

“Land of the Living Sky” …


amanda_affleck_photos_0146 amanda_affleck_photos_0147

My little brother is actually blowing me away with his mechanical skills.


These weeds are scattered like crazy out here and I think they are so pretty! So naturally I decorated the ballast regulator with a few.


Welding Torch Art in my cab


I ♥ No Man’s Land

amanda_affleck_photos_0152 amanda_affleck_photos_0157

amanda_affleck_photos_0153 amanda_affleck_photos_0154

^ This evening the valley and track were populated with deer … so I made sure they got their exercise and gave em a little run :) Couldn’t chase and snap too well though.


I love the front line of trees – they’re all the same type (I think) but look at how different their shapes are ♥


I insta-d these, but for those who don’t have me on it – these photos were sent to me with the comment “not every day you get to see a loco catwalking” :)



One beautiful, wet morning …


amanda_affleck_photos_0162 amanda_affleck_photos_0161

Dad popped by in the Cessna :)


Attempted honey/chilli/lime/mango/avo fish tacos on the weekend …


I think my car hasn’t had a wash in 10 years so that’s what the specky’s are, but it was a gorgeous sunrise this morning …


Have a lovely week ♥


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