Is anyone else baffled that September is almost gone? These photos are from the beginning/throughout the month – they’re so random so be prepared.

Starting us off was a beautiful, extremely detailed wedding of my sweet friend and sweet cuz.



This grin … means he’s up to somethin!

amanda_affleck_photos_0118 amanda_affleck_photos_0119

Oh horrid lighting but I just love this peanut so much!

amanda_affleck_photos_0120 amanda_affleck_photos_0121 amanda_affleck_photos_0122

Photo Bomb on the newly engaged couple ♥


This lady is certainly amazing – my best bud since we were little gaffers.


And this guy’s pretty awesome too ♥


What a darling couple!


Arabian Nights show in Saskatoon :) Wee Cedar got the ride of her life!

amanda_affleck_photos_0127  amanda_affleck_photos_0128 amanda_affleck_photos_0130 amanda_affleck_photos_0131 amanda_affleck_photos_0132 amanda_affleck_photos_0133

Amazing – beautiful horses!


Lots and lots and lots of driving lately …


Another stunning wedding that we attended – I was too busy yakking to get too many shots which is a crying shame. It was soo cute.

amanda_affleck_photos_0136 amanda_affleck_photos_0137 amanda_affleck_photos_0138 amanda_affleck_photos_0139

Seriously … gorgeous.


Wedding dress shopping with this lovely girl – don’t worry this isn’t the winner, but its a beauty nonetheless.

amanda_affleck_photos_0141 amanda_affleck_photos_0142 amanda_affleck_photos_0143

That was a gong show of a post but better than nothing. Lots more things in my head that I want to get up but they’ll have to wait for now :) Off to get my sweat on in hot yoga (which is a priority because hello Eston, where are your yoga studios? ;) )


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