Wisdom’s In The Trees, Not The Glass Windows

Well in our case, trees are kind of scarce, but I was listening to that song as I cruised along the rail in the wide open country surrounded by nature and I agree with Jack. Something about this landscape is completely refreshing; just makes me breathe a sigh of relief. I’m not sure how I’d feel if I was out here all alone in the dead of winter buuut nonetheless, I’m sure enjoying it now.


I hope I don’t bore you to death with a million photos of the same thing – but trust me, if you were there to witness this you’d want to capture the moment too.

amanda_affleck_photos_0094 amanda_affleck_photos_0092


I know the phone pictures aren’t doing it justice but this evening was particularly magical feeling.

amanda_affleck_photos_0095 amanda_affleck_photos_0096 amanda_affleck_photos_0097 amanda_affleck_photos_0098

I don’t know if I’ve shared anything about this on the blog yet but in the summer, I spent a few days with my Grandma going through a book of letters my late Grandpa wrote to his family during World War II. Being out here reminds me of what he wrote soo many times in his letters – there was just no place that compared to Saskatchewan. He spent time in Ontario, Quebec, Ireland, England, Germany, etc, but there was no place better than Sask.

I kind of chuckled at that and thought that it was probably because he was a farmer and it’s nice farmland, but now I think that maybe he enjoyed the beauty of it as much as I do! I wonder if he would have ever dreamt that his grand-daughter (and grand-sons) would be working on the railroad that ran beside his farm.


Anyway back to the railroad – one rainy morning this week we fired up what we refer to as a switcher loco. They are just little guys (compared to the big blue and green ones you might see zipping around Sask) and they like to roll coal on chilly mornings.

amanda_affleck_photos_0099 amanda_affleck_photos_0100 amanda_affleck_photos_0101

This morning was also extremely beautiful! The rainy air is so wonderful to breathe in.


We were using this guy to haul some cars of ballast (the gravel/rock that goes underneath the track bed).


Big Ray was doing a fine job of opening hoppers and keeping things moving!


The simplicity of the country ♥

amanda_affleck_photos_0106 amanda_affleck_photos_0107

Workin’ by the moonlight :)

amanda_affleck_photos_0108 amanda_affleck_photos_0109

We work long days but it doesn’t feel much like work. It feels like I’m playing around with a railroad tractor-type thing, hanging out with my brother and taking in some incredible views. One day him and I installed a tamper head (I won’t explain it on here but its a big heavy thing, about 800lbs) using a zoom boom and wrenches and stuff. He did the majority of it of course but it is exciting to get it on some of the mechanical jobs! I’m learning about air brakes on the railcars, switching alternators, changing oil and fuel filters, and so on. There is so much to learn!

amanda_affleck_photos_0110 amanda_affleck_photos_0111

On a non-railroading note, the weekends have been filled too! Weddings, wedding dress shopping (not for me ps), and so on. Dane and I celebrated 1 year of dating ♥ (Photo taken at his Law Commencement Ceremony by his wonderful momma) which is kind of a big deal. Nobody’s ever put up with me that long and somedays I think he is stupid for keeping me around :)


It was soo lovely to be reunited with my old pal! We are both bridesmaid in my lovely cousin’s wedding, so I saw her when we went bridal shopping.


I have some odds and ends on my big camera that I’ll share soon. I realize the blog posts are just trickling out now – I’m usually pretty pooched after work, plus I have homework to do with what’s left of the evenings, plus no wifi – so the weekends are my catchup time :)

The main reason I blog (right now anyway) is because it inspires me to document my life a bit, and I sometimes feel like writing. My purpose isn’t to get a big following although I’m flattered if you find it interesting. So basically what I’m getting at is – if the content has ups and downs, I’m sorry but not that sorry, y’know! I believe in shutting down my computer and relaxing with my boyfriend/friends/family sometimes :)

Have a great weekend wherever this finds you ♥


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