Another Chapter

This here view was my “welcome to the railroad” shot. I thought these levers were overwhelming but it’s actually not so bad. (I’m working for the family company doing maintenance on our shortline railroads, Big Sky Rail and Last Mountain Railway).


I absolutely love working out in the country ♥ So beautiful and refreshing to be out in the wide open.

amanda_affleck_photos_0076 amanda_affleck_photos_0077 amanda_affleck_photos_0078

Me and the ballast regulator will get along just fine :)


We had a breakdown with our tamper :( It resulted in some monkeying around trying to fix it on-site before we accepted the fact that it needed services only offered in the city. Although I feel pretty useless when stuff breaks down, it’s cool to learn a teeny little bit about the machines and crank the odd wrench. Mostly I just tried to stay out of the way and clean all the nuts and bolts/organize them into baggies so they don’t get lost. And attempt to make sense of the manual diagrams, asking Reg a million annoying questions hoping to diagnose something. Reaal useless.


At one point we visited this tiny and dimly-lit, grease-covered machining shop in Eston. I was too shy to ask for a photo of the inside/the machinest himself. I think I was just mimicking his energy because he didn’t say two words the whole time. He just took a look at our template, lit up a smoke, and got to work … machining is actually quite an art! It was fascinating to watch him work.


I’m also taking a Finance Math class once a week. Having to re-learn the simplest algebra rules before we get into the meat n potatoes. Amazing how mushy your brain gets after a few years outta highschool.


Delicious food options in Saskatoon! Oh man, if I hadn’t been such a slacker in hauling my camera around lately I’d have some real good foodie pics.

amanda_affleck_photos_0081 amanda_affleck_photos_0082

I’m not the only one with new beginnings. My intellectual boyfriend is starting his law degree so we went to his commencement ceremony. I was in major love with the small orchestra that entertained at the event. Wow wow wow. I’m such a nerd but classical music makes me want to bounce up and down and take on the world! Plus I can pretend to be sophisticated for a second. Although that all goes out the window the moment I open my mouth or attempt to eat at a hoity-toity restaurant.


I am so proud and excited for him! He will make the best lawyer ever.


All for now! I’m missing a million parts of the story but that’s just how it goes sometimes.


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