This Little Beauty

I can’t really even tell you how lovely this lady is. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, she’s an unreal artist as well (check out her website). We took a little drive to a farm on the outskirts of Calgary where Steph has befriended some wonderful country folk (they were so hospitable and helpful to us) and did some shooting.


amanda_affleck_photos_0058 amanda_affleck_photos_0059 amanda_affleck_photos_0060amanda_affleck_photos_0061

There were several little gaffers like this one that always wanted to get in the shots!!

amanda_affleck_photos_0069amanda_affleck_photos_0062 amanda_affleck_photos_0063

amanda_affleck_photos_0064 amanda_affleck_photos_0065 amanda_affleck_photos_0066 amanda_affleck_photos_0067 amanda_affleck_photos_0068


amanda_affleck_photos_0072 amanda_affleck_photos_0071

Nature calls :D

amanda_affleck_photos_0073 amanda_affleck_photos_0074

Thanks for a great shoot Steph ♥ All the best to you on your crazy new life overseas!


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