Mini Kasie B

The whole time I edited these photos, I pretty much just giggled away and continually wiped my watery eyes from the cuteness of this little darling child. When your friends start having babies, it’s honestly the most hilarious and heart-warming thing to see little mini versions of them running around discovering the world.

amanda_affleck_photos_0034 amanda_affleck_photos_0035


amanda_affleck_photos_0037 amanda_affleck_photos_0038

amanda_affleck_photos_0039 amanda_affleck_photos_0040

amanda_affleck_photos_0041 amanda_affleck_photos_0042



I know this one’s blurry but it just cracks me up ♥


We were cruising along through the fields (I mean, cruising) trying to get to some dunes for pictures, but the sky was getting so dark I thought we better snap at least a few before the rain came. Thank goodness we did …

amanda_affleck_photos_0046 amanda_affleck_photos_0047

amanda_affleck_photos_0048 amanda_affleck_photos_0049






It was not long and we were in a torrential downpour! We had some artsy ideas but unfortunately they didn’t get a fair chance :( Next time. This was a wicked location.

amanda_affleck_photos_0055 amanda_affleck_photos_0056

Just love this fam ♥


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