A 5% Update

Here are a couple random photos from the last week or so. It’s about 5% or less of what’s been keepin’ me hoppin.

A quick trip to the mountains …


A new twist on my kombucha :)

amanda_affleck_photos_0020 amanda_affleck_photos_0021 amanda_affleck_photos_0022 amanda_affleck_photos_0023

Double date with these awesome people …

amanda_affleck_photos_0024 amanda_affleck_photos_0025 amanda_affleck_photos_0026 amanda_affleck_photos_0027 amanda_affleck_photos_0028 amanda_affleck_photos_0029

Some more pie experimentation! Banana Coconut Cream …


And Peach!


Poaching the peaches to make the skins peel off super-easy …


Viola ♥


I’m foreseeing that this fall is going to be ridiculously busy. Been in transition from AB to SK, got a few more shoots left to edit, about to start work on the railroad (middle’a nowhere) and enrolled in a night class in Saskatoon. And a million weddings to attend :) Should be fun!


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