Sheldon & Lindsey Engagement

This little shoot was an absolute treat – I was excited/baffled/humbled/extremely nervous when I discovered how much prep work this couple did (for the shoot) … worried I wouldn’t be able to do their props and ideas justice! But luckily these two are super chill and put up with my here/there/everywhere shooting techniques.

We took out Sheldon’s dad’s mint old relic, a something-something (1960?) Buick Electra. I just wish they made cars as pretty as they used to!!


Sheldon also rigged up a little swing :)

2013-08-31_0002 2013-08-31_0003

2013-08-31_0004 2013-08-31_0005 2013-08-31_0006 2013-08-31_0007

2013-08-31_0008 2013-08-31_0009

I think I gravitate to kissing photos. They are so dreamy! I promised I wouldn’t exploit these two by overloading on the smoochy shots but let me tell ya, it took some willpower.


2013-08-31_0011 2013-08-31_0012

Sheldon is also an incredible violinist. He can serenade this beautiful woman for the rest of their lives! (PS This is the couple with the astonishingly romantic proposal story: we’re talking Switzerland, tower overlooking the countryside, candles, roses, music, ring – yep I think he pretty much covered everything she’s ever read in the trillions of novels she’s pored through)


Ooo la la ♥


2013-08-31_0015 2013-08-31_0016

Ah another kissing one! I’m sorry guys …

2013-08-31_0017 2013-08-31_0018

Lindsey is a longtime friend and travel pal. She is a serious catch and a half and therefore has attracted a fine young gentleman who is equally as talented! They will create brilliant and beautiful offspring someday ♥ (And I’m truly sorry for all the kissing).


15 thoughts on “Sheldon & Lindsey Engagement

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous job Amanda – you talented little thing you! ;) Love every single one.

    *They ARE a beautiful pair! Soooo happy for them!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous job Amanda -you little talented thing you! :) Love every photo.

    *They are a beautiful pair! Sooo happy for them.

  3. LOVEEEE!!!! ammazzing jobb and suchh AMMAZZINNN props, not 2 mention an amazzinnnglyyy goodlookin couple!!! LOVEEE cannot wait for AUGUST 1!!!

  4. Amazing shoot! Stunning couple! Can only imagine how great the wedding will b.
    ps. Have to agree with the side note on old cars.. If any company ever steps up and successfully makes a new old looking car. Piggy bank is getting broken.

  5. Gorgeous! I totally understand why they asked you to take their engagement photos. You did an awesome job capturing these two and their great choice of props! I look forward to meeting you next summer…August 1st in Rimbey ;-)

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