Nick & Vanessa Engagement

When I was back home last week, I shot an evening engagement with my Mobil Grain replacement and her fiancee.


Pretty sure Nick was thinking “this girl is insane” when I first started snapping, but after awhile he warmed up :)


Those eyes V!!

2013-08-27_0003 2013-08-27_0004 2013-08-27_0005

2013-08-27_0007 2013-08-27_0006

2013-08-27_0008 2013-08-27_0009 2013-08-27_0010 2013-08-27_0011 2013-08-27_0012 2013-08-27_0013 2013-08-27_0014


2013-08-27_0016 2013-08-27_0017 2013-08-27_0018 2013-08-27_0019 2013-08-27_0020 2013-08-27_0021

I had a great time roaming around Regina with this beautiful couple and beautiful light!


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