Baking + Old Friends + Stagette

I celebrated my first day of freedom (aka no work) by making pies!


This is one of my favorite kinds …


but only if it’s served chilled with whip!


Saturday mornin’ after WAY TOO LONG (2 years) I finally got to catch up with my friend who deserted me for the land of boys and sunshine, and never did return! This time she came home with an utterly sweet little baby girl.


Milan you little peanut ♥ You melted my heart!


Then Sar popped by!


We met at Bees Knees Cafe in DeWinton, mostly because it was the easiest location for our circumstance, but it turned out to be pretty cute!

2013-08-21_0031 2013-08-21_0029 2013-08-21_0028


SO good to see these guys – even though it was not even close to enough time.


After that, I scooted up to Edmonton just in time for another bridal shower. It was an Ugly Bridesmaid Dress Paintball party and it was hysterical.

2013-08-21_0036 2013-08-21_0032 2013-08-21_0033

Thanks to the non-participants that took these snaps for us!

2013-08-21_0034 2013-08-21_0035

Some onlookers that thought our shenanigans were questionable.


I’m not gonna bore you with a million action shots. It’s mostly just little specks running through big fields like this …




I totally missed the “take off your mask” memo.

2013-08-21_0041 2013-08-21_0042

The bride and her girls!


We were feeling a little hot and bothered so the lake alongside the driveway seemed like a great idea.


Until we got close. The smell was putrid and the algae was in full force.


However, luck was with us and we spotted a nearby canoe! And paddles! So in we went.



Some of us thought it was a better idea than others to tip the boat.


Ok let’s be honest, I didn’t have much help. Hence my abnormal jaw thrust below (? is that what you call it – whatever it is, it’s ugggly).


When that didn’t work, we decided to be bullies and push the bride out (somebody had to get in, might as well be the bride right).


I have to say, she took the bullying well. She’s a trooper, that one :)

2013-08-21_0051 2013-08-21_0052

2013-08-21_0053 2013-08-21_0054

This looks like “heave ho” but in reality it’s “gaaaah oh my goodness what is on the bottom of this rank lake!!!!” …


When we finally got out of the stinkhole, we found that we’d been holding up the paintball fellah. He wanted to get home but he had to lock the gate behind us and here we were frolicking in the lagoon. Whoops.


Poor bridey went through so much this day. Chopping wood and smucking her calf.


Another bride-to-be! If you see this face around, ask about her proposal. Oh.My.Goodness. It will make you swoon.




Really Solemn Bonfire Discussions – I don’t know if I’ll ever forget Danica’s instantaneous gag reflexes.


Our weekend wouldn’t be complete without Marg’s heavenly Sunday treats.

2013-08-23_0003 2013-08-23_0004

Was so happy to see this little gaffer and his big (but not so big) sis ♥ And their momma of course!


Another lovely weekend!


I’ve been on the road solid but hoping to get some downtime/editing time very soon :)
Happy Friday!


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