The End of Another Glamorous Chapter

Let me walk you through a day in the life of a fertilizer/weed control queen:
First, roll out of bed and put on your basic black hoodie and rubber boots. Don’t forget to pack a billion gallons of water. You’ll need it.


Since you didn’t have time for breakfast, settle for a multigrain bagel toasted with butter and a medium coffee.


Bump into your hilarious co-workers at the shop …


Use the big hefty hose to fill up the big hefty fert tanks in the box of your truck. Measure out weed control and fill up the injector container.


Get your hiney to the first of many residential/condo/commercial locations. Fill out the paperwork, drop off …


Pull out the big long hose …


Spray! Roll up hose, put up a sign, and repeat. 500 times or so :)


Send up little prayers often that you don’t get this job or one like it … (spray all green areas)


And that you don’t wreck something every five minutes (which is quite possible I found out) …


Enjoy seeing the richy-mc-richerton areas of the city.


And stumbling across gems like this!


Laugh your rear off when this happens and cringe when you have to phone the boss for help …


Burn through a few pairs of rubber boots and cause some havok on your feet …


Notice the fafillion old school punch buggies in YYC …


Silently chuckle at some people’s choice of ornaments and lawn decor …


Stay a fair distance away when your co-worker catches a mouse (yeah, how do you catch a mouse right!!) …


But most of all, thank your lucky stars that you got to work for an organized, efficient company run by some of the nicest/most laid-back people ever. Though I didn’t develop a burning passion for spraying, it supported me for the summer and I’m chalking it up to good experience :D


And boy do I have some fun photos coming up. I’ve been shooting like a mad woman and I think we’ll have at least a few gooders so stay tuned :) They will be up as soon as I get a moment or two to edit!


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