What we have here is just a mishmash … unfaithful/inconsistent pics from the last week or so. We were out in beautiful BC :)

2013-08-15_0002 2013-08-15_0003

2013-08-15_0001 2013-08-15_0004 2013-08-15_0005

I was loving peaceful morning walks and gorgeous light at GV2 (even with just my phone camera).

2013-08-15_0017 2013-08-15_0018 2013-08-15_0019


Triple O’s is like gourmet fast food.

2013-08-15_0007 2013-08-15_0008

Lots of driving lately = workin’ on the road. We launched too. Crazy things happening in the Mobil world.


Diner Deluxe breaky one morning with my favorite.


I celebrated my last day of spraying today with the dear Sarah. Oysters ♥


Beet/lentil burger with goat cheese spread – mm it was good – although white buns never thrill me. Like in my mind, what’s the point of a super healthy burger without a multigrain bun!? Anyways I’m just being picky. It was lovely enough!

2013-08-15_0010 2013-08-15_0011

I’ve missed this girl!!


Photo Bombed :D


So much to look forward to in the next few weeks! Quite excited :D :D But then again, it doesn’t take much to excite me!


One thought on “Schmauz

  1. Mmmm white spot!!! One thing we miss about BC!!! We always have to have a meal at least once when we go back to visit :)

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