Hunter Hype

I’ve never really gotten into online contests; I’ve always assumed the odds of winning would be pretty low. But when I saw a photo competition from one of my favorite blogs, The Londoner, and the prize of a free pair of Hunter boots, I decided to give it a shot! I posted the below photo and was shocked when it actually won :D


And now our gorgeous little rubbers have arrived! We are just tickled pink with them ♥

2013-07-29_0002 2013-07-29_0003

We had a quick celebration over iced coffees and Italian sodas :)


These babies arrived just in the nick of time as my original pair are gettin’ pretty beat up from all the chemicals I walk in. I didn’t wanna wreck them but after trying 6 other pairs and having every single one of them aggravate my tendonitis like mad, I took a shot. I’m now a 100% convinced that there is more to these boots than the brand and hype. Now I don’t have to dread what my foot is going to feel like at the end of the day and I can resume with my running hobby!

2013-07-29_0005 2013-07-29_0006


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