Chronic Time Underestimation

^^ That’s my diagnosis, according to a recent workshop I attended. I always plan for 50 hours in day which ain’t all that realistic apparently. I’ll blame the lack of updates on that.
Last weekend we were in beautiful Bonnyville visiting lovely friends. We had such great potential for a photo shoot with this stunning old bridge …


But when the wee one’s under the weather ya can’t really blame em for not wanting to say cheese (also doesn’t help to have 500 mosquitos chowing down on your skin). Poor little gaffer.


Still got some editing to do on our shortened shoot.



We checked out Clark’s General Store in Cold Lake. It’s adorable.


2013-07-28_0006 2013-07-28_0007

And dimly lit :)

2013-07-28_0008 2013-07-28_0009 2013-07-28_0010 2013-07-28_0011 2013-07-28_0012 2013-07-28_0014

Wonderful time with these ladies!


During the week I attempted a portobello mushroom burger with Swiss cheese, bacon, avo, tomato, onion … all the fixin’s.


And a grilled corn pepper edamame succotash. But my BBQ wouldn’t work and we had limited time so it wasn’t the mooost successful thing I’ve ever made.


And good ol’ yam on the side …


Thursday we spent in Banff at a cute little wedding.

2013-07-28_0019 2013-07-28_0020 2013-07-28_0021

We had some downtime to explore the town and indulge in things like this delicious pizza …


We love this guy :)


And as usual, our pics are a big fail. Haha.


These beautiful people :)


And this beautiful view!


And to top it all off, Dane took me to Banff Springs where we enjoyed this unreal patio view.

2013-07-28_0029 2013-07-28_0030 2013-07-28_0031 2013-07-28_0032

It was sooo sooo good. Then we traipsed through the hotel as if we were actually high rollers and checked out all the different rooms and views.


2013-07-28_0034 2013-07-28_0035

And then … wa wa waaa … my battery died :( I was so sad especially when we arrived to the reception and I saw all the incredible details the bride had come up with! Sooo much work and so much love put into it. Ah, well.

If you’re reading this, I hope you have a terrific week ♥


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