Pure Gold

This little video is 99% made by an incredible older fella I met at the reunion a few weeks ago. I may have remixed it a very tiny bit (it was just a tad long for the average viewer) but George deserves all the credit. I think he captures life in the 50-80s so artistically and beautifully.

Music: Safe and Sound by Capital Cities, Threadbare Gypsy Soul by Pat Green ft. Willie Nelson

I was also excited to pore through the old photo albums laying around. Something so intriguing about the olden days. These were a few of my favorites (but they are pictures of pictures so the quality is not so hot).

2013-07-16_0001 2013-07-16_0002 2013-07-16_0003

This is especially funny if you know who the two rugrats in the front are.

2013-07-16_0005   2013-07-16_0008  2013-07-16_0010 2013-07-16_0011

Now my mission is to collect more gems like this from my own family tree.


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