Summer Medley

Last week was one of those flat-out ones. But it was fun :) I arrived home late Monday night from last weekend’s festivities.


Tuesday evening I caught up with some Irish buds who are visiting Canada at the moment!


We cooked up some burgers …


And later headed down to the river for a float. It was beautiful! (And these boys are hilarious).

2013-07-08_0005 2013-07-08_0004 2013-07-08_0006

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday was a big blur of mostly work but additional projects and errands.


I drove out to Sask Friday night with the help of a lot of caffeine and a good playlist. When I arrived at 330 in the morning, I found my door plastered with photos and notes like this:


Some little sister is getting pretty skilled with her editing capabilities :) Although I’m not sure why she made me into a man!
After a couple hours snooze, I woke up at home home (mom n dads) to some other sweet visitors. It’s wedding season so they were on the prairies too. This little miss was looking extra cute so we took a couple photos before they hit the road.

2013-07-08_0007 2013-07-08_0008


This is where Dane picked up his good looks :)



Then I did a quick run of errands in the city and finally met up with my
long lost friend/cousin/may-as-well-be-big-sis Ash,
who is looking adorable as a pregnant lady.


Can’t wait til we live closer …


Then I ripped out to Weyburn to pick up my boyfriend. Something nice about grid roads and big skies.


Sunday was typical and just as nice as always. Mom whipped up a big feast as usual and I was loving the greens.

2013-07-08_0022 2013-07-08_0023

Got to see a new wee babe – photo cred to my little sis who also found it necessary to take a million creeper shots of our guests (I later discovered).


Before too long we had to hit the road jack. We stopped at my favorite cafe …


to drop off a painting that is selling there. It’s located at Naked Bean in Regina and I forgot to take a proper photo.


When we have to get fast food, we love Wendy’s Baha salad.

2013-07-08_0012 2013-07-08_0013

Also love summer sunsets ♥ Hope you all have a great week.



2 thoughts on “Summer Medley

  1. very cool week. love misc posts….it was super to have Dane here wed….and to chat a little ….. and wicked to hear you’ll be living here!!! and wendy’s baja…yum and love love the sunset pics….

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