Sasky Reunion

Enroute to Saskatoon for Dane’s family reunion, we stopped for a quick splash in Drumheller (yep, the little kids spray park). Then we spent a couple seconds photographing Trent’s ride and ourselves in the wonderful scenery.


I didn’t do the best job of capturing all the festivities, but I have a few odds n ends to share.
Starting with wee Ramz and his adorable morning face.


A smoldering young couple!


Poolside :)


Cheeky little cousin ;)

2013-07-03_0005 2013-07-03_0006

So many games and activities planned – couldn’t believe how organized they were.


Pie Eating Contest!


Hmm … wonder how his go-pro footage turned out :P


One little boy was quite distraught that Dane cheated and plumped an extra piece of pie on his plate!



Looks like Uncle George is getting a sick shot of her bun!


Someone’s a little sick of me testing light.

2013-07-03_0013 2013-07-03_0014 2013-07-03_0015 2013-07-03_0016 2013-07-03_0017

The whole weekend we were spoiled rotten with amazing meals. But this one was especially yummy – traditional Ukrainian meal featuring homemade perogies. Mmm.

2013-07-03_0018 2013-07-03_0019

2013-07-03_0020 2013-07-03_0021

There was a pretty intense 3D puzzle build party going on.


2013-07-03_0033 2013-07-03_0035

We also snuck away for a super duper quick shoot of baby Ramzi.

2013-07-03_0024 2013-07-03_0025 2013-07-03_0026 2013-07-03_0027 2013-07-03_0028 2013-07-03_0029

2013-07-03_0030 2013-07-03_0031

And while we were shooting, guess who was doing dishes (they definitely got picked for the worst night)?



Couple family shots for good measure.

2013-07-03_0036 2013-07-03_0037

Oh Reid :)


“Make sure your eyes are open” Haha – seriously boys are all the same when it comes to photos! (But they’re still a smokin’ duo)


Doesn’t get more precious than this.


Fun weekend! I’m too exhausted to expound but have some real cool photos to share soon as I get a chance. Chow chow!


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