Broken French & Boxwood

If you’ve ever read my About Me/About The Blog page, you might have read the following:
… I renamed it Tous Que J’adore and then later found out that was broken French :) So now it is Tous Ce Que J’adore – which means “All That I Adore”.
Well that’s what I thought it meant. Turns out I’m wrong again! I got this message from a kind soul the other day …


Clearly, I don’t speak French. So you’re probably like, why would you use French as your slogan then, right? Well the language just seems soo dreamy to me! I even bought Rosetta Stone on Groupon! But like many other people who purchase it, I’m pathetic at scheduling it into my life. I swear when I have children they are going to be in French Immersion.

(This chatter needs to be broken up with a photo of my delicious breakfast.)


Anyways, I’m not going to go back to the archives and fix everything because it’s actually pretty comical.
> I started with Tous Que J’adore (toos-ce-jadore rolls off the tongue so nicely, I thought)
> then went to Tous Ce Que J’adore
> and now Tout Ce Que J’adore!
Oh well! Hopefully it’s fixed now :) I must get it from my dad; his Spanish “gracias” sounds like “grassyass” and so on.

On another note, I had a lovely evening with Sar last night at a place downtown called Boxwood.


I had quinoa tabouli with eggplant and artichoke. It was flavorful but I was letdown cuz from the menu I was totally envisioning something else. Am I the only one that happens to!?


Sarah made a good choice and got a chickpea stew with yogurt-dill-ish dressing.

2013-06-21_003 2013-06-21_004

I decided to indulge in their dessert which was a “cheesecake” but made with some sort of goat’s cheese and cardamom (and the cookie part was served on top instead of on the bottom). I haven’t acquired a taste for cardamom yet. But it looked cute!


And dessert is always best served with coffee. I loved the French Press and the little timer they send out with it :)


I may not have been that stoked about my meal choices but the atmosphere was wonderful and I would definitely go back and try something else!


We enjoyed our meal oblivious to the fact that many areas of Calgary were being evacuated because of the crazy flooding. This morning I drove on the Calgary bridge and that river is dangerously high! Downtown has been evacuated as of this morning. So I guess we just hope that the rain lets off soon!

Happy Friday ♥


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