Lobster Feast

I was extremely far from diligent at taking photos last weekend. Actually I was just kind of off the whole time which is really ridiculous but my mind was elsewhere, swirling around thoughts and ideas and decisions and all that stuff. Meanwhile adorable baby Ramzi was celebrating (with this cute boat cake) his first birthday and eating sugar for the first time!

2013-06-19_001 2013-06-19_003 2013-06-19_002

On Sunday, mister took charge of the lobster boil.


2013-06-19_009    2013-06-19_008


He did have some help :)

2013-06-19_006 2013-06-19_005


And if the mouth-watering lobster wasn’t enough, we were also spoiled with tender steaks!


And desserts galore!


How cute is wee Max?


We also took an evening ride on the XT and discovered some beautiful neighborhoods in YYC.


Trying to chase him on the swing bridge while taking camera pictures didn’t really make for a winning photo :P

2013-06-19_014 2013-06-19_015

I’ve also been informed that “tous ce que j’adore” is still broken French. Haha … oh dear. I will have to fix that up once again!


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