Montana Weekend Roadtrip

Last weekend my cuz got married. I will probably repeat that line 5-10 times in the next few months because everyone’s doin’ it apparently! So my lovely boyfriend and I took a roadie in the old trusty Maxima down south to the US of A.


It was the most beautiful drive! So refreshing to be out in the wide open, plus the sunlight was just peeking through the dark clouds and that is just an unreal combination.

2013-06-13_025 2013-06-13_026 2013-06-13_027


I am the luckiest girl in the world ♥

2013-06-13_033 2013-06-13_034

Windmills galore!

2013-06-13_028 2013-06-13_030

The outrageous sky was then followed up by an electrifying lightning show! Which was obviously impossible to capture while we were driving ….


Wade and Linds got married right beside a rushing river in the mountains.


This was crazy for me to see – all these boys that I used to play with after school on the farm, standing up there with Wadeybob watching him say his vows! We are aging, yoikes.


Lindsey was a stunner!

2013-06-13_044 2013-06-13_045

My sweet grandma and her hubby :)


From a family of auctioneers, this girl knows how to take bids! She surprised us all with her hollering abilities as her Dad auctioned off a silver dollar for her and Wade’s honeymoon fund.

2013-06-13_051 2013-06-13_052

Our table mates :)

2013-06-13_053 2013-06-13_054

Fancy running into these two here :P


♥ ♥ ♥


Cute little gaffer chowin’ down on the chocolates.


Their exit strategy was pretty sweet!

2013-06-13_058 2013-06-13_059 2013-06-13_060

One of my favorite couples having issues with the tie …

2013-06-13_061 2013-06-13_062 2013-06-13_063

Kenton hopped in just to complete the photo.


And then just as Dane n me went to get a photo, the sun came out from behind the clouds again. See the difference? All of the sudden we got mad contrast and shadows :(


So we found a shadier spot!

2013-06-13_067 2013-06-13_068


I ♥ this ride.


Gramma was lucky to have all her kids present on her 85th birthday!


My little hippie sister.


Another gorgeous couple who will be wed this year!


Gramma being serenaded :)


We had to take breaks every now and then because the Maxima has little-to-no lumbar support and I’m dating an old man (but a handsome old man, of course). Here he is imitating the windmills/stretching the spinal cord.


Iced coffees ♥


20 some hours of driving but it was wonderful to rub shoulders with family and acquaintances. I’m pretty blessed.


6 thoughts on “Montana Weekend Roadtrip

  1. Wow Amanda….I just saw this for the first time!!! Absolutely amazing!! You are the cutest ever!!!!! Not cute….BEAUTIFULEST! haha ;]

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