Engagement: Brett and Jacyntha

Well, this here is exciting stuff. My little old cuzzy popped the question to his lady, who just so happens to be my dear travel companion and an absolute champion. I couldn’t be more thrilled that she’s joining our crazy family. Here’s some shots from their engagement session ♥


Actually, before I get too many pictures I have to go on about his proposal (I’m so proud that he is a bit of a romantic). Brettyboy works on a massive golf course development (which is pretty flippin cool, you should see his artistic instagrams from his work days). So resultingly, he is surrounded by beautiful mother nature and some pretty wonderful scenery. On his lunch breaks, he would sneak away to the forest, and work on carving out the words “Jay Will You Marry Me” into some trees. One day, he took her out for a walk and … there was his handiwork ♥ ♥ ♥

2013-06-13_002 2013-06-13_003 2013-06-13_004

2013-06-13_005 2013-06-13_006 2013-06-13_007

2013-06-13_009 2013-06-13_010

2013-06-13_008 2013-06-13_011

2013-06-13_012 2013-06-13_013 2013-06-13_014

2013-06-13_015 2013-06-13_016 2013-06-13_017 2013-06-13_018 2013-06-13_019 2013-06-13_020

All the best to this adorable couple ♥ Thanks for letting me capture this thrilling part of your life!



2 thoughts on “Engagement: Brett and Jacyntha

  1. oh la la ……… you rocked another couples session !! love these pics !! what a great looking team, those two. Great Job A !!!

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