Engagement: Kyle and Sam

These two are in major looooooove. It’s so cute ♥
Here’s a few of my favorites from our shoot on Saturday.


2013-06-04_002 2013-06-04_003

2013-06-04_005 2013-06-04_006 2013-06-04_007 2013-06-04_008

2013-06-04_009 2013-06-04_010

On the busiest bridge in Edmonton (pictured below), Kyle stopped traffic, got down on one knee and asked Sam to be his wife. All you boys out there (if any boys even read this) – that’s how it’s done.


2013-06-04_015 2013-06-04_016

So anyway, we made like monkeys and climbed up the beams of that bridge for some rafter shots. I love the industrial look.

2013-06-04_017 2013-06-04_018

Then we took it to the next level (literally) and climbed up to the very top, where the railroad is. It’s quite a view of the city and we had some dark, dramatic clouds to work with.

2013-06-04_019 2013-06-04_020

Cutie patoooooties!

2013-06-04_021 2013-06-04_022

We also attempted to get some shots on the road underneath (where he stopped traffic).
They waited for an opening in vehicles, scurried out to the middle …


had a hectic little smooch sesh ….


And then ripped back to the sideline!


I had a blast shooting these two lovebirds ♥ ♥ ♥
Wishing them all the best as they excitedly plan forever together.


8 thoughts on “Engagement: Kyle and Sam

  1. you’ve gone and done it again……. magic within each photo !! great photos and what a cute couple…….. their future looks bright !!!

  2. wow!!! Beautiful pictures with some very good looking models!! :) Can’t wait to see more from you and wish them all the best ! Might keep you in mind for down the road.. ;)

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