Where Did May Go?

It’s May 30th … ???? Wow.
This is gonna be a picture update, I decided.

2013-05-30_001 2013-05-30_002 2013-05-30_003

(This looks like a blob of nast but I had to document my first successful crepe attempt!!! I’ve tried and failed several times prior).

2013-05-30_004 2013-05-30_005

(I also made sushi! Mmm – anyone have any good sushi combos to try?! Leave me a note!)


(More mango salsa. I might as well give up on the picture post idea; it’s getting pretty chatty-cathy-ish. I was secretly hoping the brackets would make the yapping more subtle.)


I’m working on another painting :)


Because it’s raining a lot and I need some income $$$. And because I love it.


Rice Wraps with Shrimp, Asparagus, Etc.



2013-05-30_015 2013-05-30_013 2013-05-30_014 2013-05-30_017 2013-05-30_016  2013-05-30_018 2013-05-30_019 2013-05-30_020

(Trying out the fried banana thing that everyone and their dog has been pinning on Pinterest)


Ahk I feel like these overloaded food posts are pretty boring. I’ll try come up with something more imaginative in the coming days!


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