I ♥ Rainy Days

As much as I love spraying and fertilizing lawns, I was so excited to get the “no work today :)” text this morning. I have a techy to-do list that has been ragging on my sub-conscious for way too long. So without further ado – an update!

A low-quality shot of a good-lookin’ bunch on Mother’s Day :)


Shrimp Salad – Dane’s mom is a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen. If I’d have posted all the delicious meals she’s made us since September, she might have people banging down her door trying to get in on it!


We seem to make frequent stops at the old RD hobby farm! It’s looking quite beautiful lately.

2013-05-23_003 2013-05-23_004

Love when the green springs up ♥


The old tractor that’s just hangin’ out there …


The cows are just hangin’ out too!

2013-05-23_008 2013-05-23_009 2013-05-23_010 2013-05-23_011Work – one day we stumbled across a ride fit for Ace Ventura.


All-righty then!


We work at some gorgeous homes/yards … these are just the tip of the berg as they say.


Loving all the green in my favorite park ♥

2013-05-23_014 2013-05-23_015 2013-05-23_016

I should have taken way more phots this weekend. But I was a bit side-tracked with hitting Forever XXI for hours with the girls, cooking/baking/entertaining and such. These are our goodbye photos. My sisters draw their posing inspiration from my Awkward Family Photos coffee table book.

2013-05-23_017 2013-05-23_018 2013-05-23_019 2013-05-23_020

When the house was quiet again I stopped at the Sunnyside Greenhouse – just look at all that green!


And I made my own little herb garden. I can’t wait to cook with them, providing the stinkin’ squirrels don’t decide to eat them all!


I’ve been trying lots of recipes off the A Beautiful Mess blog. I’ve followed it for ages and think the girls are the absolute coolest, but I’m really enjoying all the food ideas lately. These are brussel sprout crisps. They take 2 seconds (well technically 8-10 mins) to make and I think they’re quite delicious. I put fresh ground pepper, sea salt and cayenne on mine.


I also finally made mango salsa. Mmm mmm mmm! I love it.


Morning Glory Muffins


Farro and Kale salad – yay! I am always on the lookout for new salad ideas. This one was a win :)

2013-05-23_026 2013-05-23_027

And that’s all she wrote ♥ Fer now anyway. Happy Thursday!


2 thoughts on “I ♥ Rainy Days

  1. If that family photo was a low quality shot for you, then you are an exceptional photographer, Amanda!!! I had 48 likes on that shot on FB! Plus, I know you are an exceptional photographer, because you can make my common ordinary shrimp salad look like decadent cuisine!! Love it! So cool to be with your family while they were out….thanks for the evening!! Loved it!

    1. haha – I hate to break it to you but the 48 likes are most likely because there are so many sweet people in one photo! but we will get a higher-qual one sometime soon :D

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