The Grass Is Greener

The title is just a cheesy pun cuz I’m working for a company called Greener Grass. But for real, I am soo excited to see this …


Blue Skies and Green Grass! It’s about time.

2013-05-10_003 2013-05-10_002After a long Saturday of work, I jumped through the shower in record time and got to celebrate birthday #22 with this little mister. He took me to Loose Moose – it’s a live comedy improv show. Sooo hilarious; I got cheek wrinkles from all the laughing. The only slight issue was that during intermission I almost zonked from exhaustion.
Coffee = problem solved.

2013-05-10_006 2013-05-10_005

Afterwards we hit up the infamous Model Milk. And stinkity-stink I didn’t even have my camera! We had the amazing rabbit mortadella crostini (it’s ok, we had to ask what it was too) which was seriously divine. It is basically a crostini with a layer of edamame beans and mint, shaved rabbit meat and pistachio and then topped with some very amazing fruity chutney. And then we had chicken and waffles. Yep, they go together. Sadly, no photos :( But I will definitely be going back. Such a sweet place.

Sunday afternoon – trying to tan my pasty bruised legs (have to wear full pants at work) while he fixes his motorbike tire, with an iced coffee by my side courtesy of the best boyfriend in the world.


More work and more dirt. Everyday by 10am my skin is coated with a layer of black. But it’s fun and good exercise.


And as usual, much of the excitement in my life comes from food (or at least that’s the excitement I take the most pictures of).

Spectacular tapas conjured up by some guy …

2013-05-10_008 2013-05-10_009

Attempted healthy granola bars. Haven’t got it quite right yet. But it’ll come!


I made our (our as in my mom, my sisters & me) usual milk chocolate chip cookies but added some salty pretzels for variation. The boys at work didn’t complain but once again, don’t feel like I’ve got them so they’re just amazing yet.

2013-05-10_011 2013-05-10_012

Another day I did Quinoa Salmon Peanut Saucy Rice Wraps and served them with a Kiwi Orange Almond Salad. Next time I’m gonna put orange right in the wraps with the salmon!


This little roast, which I marinated all night in a delicious sauce, would have been better if I hadn’t been a complete airhead and forgot to put water in the slow cooker before I left for work. Guess my brain switch is sometimes turned off that early in the morning.


Plain old pizza with whole wheat crust using leftover beef and stuff.


Mmm this here is a bit of a winner. It’s my version of the Bacon Egg McMuffin.
Whole wheat english muffin smeared with honey dijon mustard, loaded with a fried egg (cooked with pepper/sea salt/cayenne/dill/fresh parm), bacon, tomato, greens and a little dump of maple syrup.


I quite enjoyed it :)



One thought on “The Grass Is Greener

  1. happy 22. super cool BF. layers of dirt is a good thing and so it all that food you have been making / eating. happy belated birthday to one of the coolest artist i know. ( when you are removed for all the social media, the ‘on time’ birthday wishes sometimes fall thru the cracks :) ) i am sure you understand :)

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