MobilGrain Website Launched (Finally) < This right here, has been a headache-and-a-half.
What happens when your knowledge-base takes gets you 80% of the way, you depend on someone for the last 20%, pay them through the nose and still end up with something that does not match your vision? If you’re stubborn like me you attempt to put something together yourself. This is by no means, a model website. In fact I know there are a lot of things about it that will make web-designers cringe. But I hope that through the photos and design, it at least somewhat represents what this awesome company is all about.

PS: Best viewed on a desktop, laptop or iPad. The mobile version is not all that gorgeous.

These are some screenshots.


screen-shot-2 screen-shot-3 screen-shot-4 screen-shot-5

I have 3-4 more websites to build for affiliate companies, but this is a start :)
What do you think?


2 thoughts on “MobilGrain Website Launched (Finally)

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