Roughstock Rumble, 80th & Ivy, Cauliflower Crust

Bronc & Bull Riding at Calgary’s Roughstock Rumble



Love this couple.

2013-04-16_003 2013-04-16_004

Appies at 80th & Ivy … I actually can’t figure out if it’s 80th & Ivy or Goth & Ivy …


Real stoked crew …


Shroom Dip


Duck Two Ways – pretty delish.


I made the Cauliflower Pizza Crust from the recipe found here.
I’m not gonna repeat the recipe because that’s pointless but here is a general run-through of what it entails.

a) “Ricing” your cauliflower – I used my trusty food processor but you can apparently grate it too. Then you cook in mic for 8 minutes (yeah, microwave kinda defeats the healthy aspect of it – oh weellll).


b) Add mozza, eggs, whatever spices and herbs you want. I didn’t have all the little ingredients the recipe called for so I dumped in a good portion of parma, garlic salt, crushed garlic, dill …
Clarification: I wouldn’t replace the mozza with parma. I used both.


c) Spoon and flatten onto pizza pan. Put olive oil or something on the pan so it doesn’t stick when you bake in your oven for 15 minutes.


d) Meanwhile, cook up some toppings. I just did whatever was in my fridge – onions, peppers, tomatoes, bean sprouts, broccoli, zucchini. Cooked one chicken too and added. Also added spices like salt, pepper, little bit of cayenne, parsley, garlic, etc.


e) When crust is done, take out and change your oven settings to broil.


f) Add your toppings.


g) Add your cheese (I went a little crazy – feta, mozza and fresh parma). Broil for a few minutes. Enjoy.


Not only will your taste buds thank you for this, so will your stomach. You don’t get that nasty, heavy feeling – it is much lighter and the flavors of the crust are surprisingly tantalizing. Listen, I made it for 2 farm boys and they loved it, so it must be a win :) I will definitely be makin’ it again!

Happy Tuesday ♥


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