The Lazy Update

Some real hi-qual photos of the past week or so. I’m a little bummed – had to trade in my iPhone for an Android (of all things) and definitely notice the difference in camera.
We took a roadie to Sask …


Breakfast with some darlings ♥

2013-04-04_002 2013-04-04_003

We also visited grandparents all over the province :) and then there’s Joe …. all decked out in his gear for the big Vintage Snowmobile Party.


Little handyman fixing my squeal!! We have bets on how long the farmer-fix will last …

2013-04-04_005 2013-04-04_006 2013-04-04_007

Coffee with these two lovebirds ♥


Home sweet home :)


Hee hee.


Burger night :)

2013-04-04_011 2013-04-04_012


I’m currently flat out with the strangest bug ever. Everything hurts – I even went against my no-Advil philosophy so you know she ain’t a pretty one!


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