Granny Is Kind Of A Big Deal

(You’ll get the title if you read the whole post.)
Thursday morning we strolled along through the rain, past our usual downtown square, across the harbor …


2013-03-10_003 2013-03-10_004 2013-03-10_005and on to the beautiful new Titantic exhibit.

2013-03-10_006After the wet walk, we quite resembled drowned rats and were chilled to the bone, but refreshed. We cleaned up and ordered soup from the incredibly well-run little restaurant right in the museum.

2013-03-10_007Homemade soup and wheaten bread – couldn’t be a better combo.

2013-03-10_008 2013-03-10_009 2013-03-10_010The actual exhibit was phenomenal; easily the best museum I’ve ever seen. The story was depicted in a way that even the most anti-history person would enjoy – from the describing of the era, to the background of Belfast’s industries in that day, to the engineering plans…


(this was an interactive screen running along the floor and up the wall, showing different aspects of the ship’s design blueprints)

2013-03-10_012 2013-03-10_013to the huge job of building of the ship …

2013-03-10_014 2013-03-10_015

(they put you in a trolley that hangs from the roof and rolls on tracks – you go up and down these imitation gantries, witnessing/experiencing/hearing how the building was done)

2013-03-10_016 2013-03-10_017 2013-03-10_018

to the detail of the luxuries and certain passengers aboard … every little bit of brilliantly presented material led up to the horrible sinkage, which was also dramatically projected.


Ahh, it probably sounds so boring. But if you ever get to Belfast, I would highly recommend it. You need a few hours and a fresh mind to take it all in.

2013-03-10_020 2013-03-10_021


After that lovely experience, we headed back downtown to Cheery Cherub for mussels.

2013-03-10_024 2013-03-10_025

We could have been more active this day, but instead we lingered over our afternoon snack and had a big ol heart-to-heart.



And by “big ol” I mean hours. We wrapped it up just in time to hit a few gift shops and meet Tory for supper. Below was our first cab, and it was so adorable that I really wanted to get a quick picture. Hoooowever, I must have been in a bit of a flap and messed up the shutter speed so this is what became of it …


We went to Beatrice Kennedy’s. Very classy. Very tasty.  Tory had duck …


Sarah had venison …


And I had steak! Wow Amanda – you’re really rich. You should probably order steak. That thought actually didn’t go through my head. But I was obviously talking too much and when the waitress asked me what I wanted I just got all flustered and picked the steak. The good news is … it was UNREAL.


This was a delicious bowl of stew from French Village. When you walk around in the pouring rain so much, I feel like you just crave these warm dishes.

2013-03-10_033 2013-03-10_034

This wee house is just dreamy ♥


Friday afternoon, we headed down to the farm with Jonny. That evening, a bunch of lovely people came out for tea. I don’t know why I didn’t feel inclined to pull out the old camera but we enjoyed it all the same :)


Saturday mornin’ after a little walk, we popped in to see Sarah’s granny – the most darling lady ever. She has lost most of her memory (so she forgets to look at the camera sometimes) but she just chuckles away at anything you tell her.


Finally, after dreaming about it all week, we hit up an Enniskillen cafe called Frou Frou for our scone fix!!


This place had a wide array of decadencies …

2013-03-10_038Sarah and her lovely auntie ♥


With a bit of whipping cream and some maple syrup … mmm, delightful!


Today was Mother’s Day in Ireland, so there was a big celebration at the farm. Loads of food …

2013-03-10_042 2013-03-10_043 2013-03-10_044


The highlight of the day for everyone was getting granny out of her nursing home and back into her element.

2013-03-10_047Along with a few of her friends, who she may or may not have recognized :)


The sun was peeking out nicely so I ran outside for a couple shots.

2013-03-10_048 2013-03-10_049Rusty was loving the wind …


Elderflower cordial – such a treat!

2013-03-10_052 2013-03-10_051

An impeccable first course was followed up by these delicious desserts. This was a baked apple something, can’t think of the word, but it was amazing.

2013-03-10_053I’m not even a lemon dessert person, but this tart was sooo good.


And so was this trifle ♥

2013-03-10_055 2013-03-10_056And so was the fruit salad! And yes I sampled everything!

2013-03-10_0572013-03-10_058 2013-03-10_059

Rusty didn’t like bein’ left outside for part of the meal …


Loooving this fireplace …


Wee cuties …


Granny gettin’ spoiled!


Just gigglin’ away …


Granny with two of her beautiful grand-daughters …

2013-03-10_067 2013-03-10_066

2013-03-10_068She got a chuckle out of Tory’s dance moves. Tory said, “What do you think granny?” and she’s like … “I don’t think you know how to dance.

2013-03-10_069But Sarah and I, on the other hand, we can dance (I hope the sarcasm comes through).



Three beauties!


2013-03-10_072  2013-03-10_073   2013-03-10_070  Annnd after a long day … :)


And I’m just not so sure what this week will bring! We’ll see ;)


3 thoughts on “Granny Is Kind Of A Big Deal

  1. Just loved your photos Amanda. You are having an amazing time in Ireland. Nice to see some folks I’ve met, espesially Granny.

  2. You’ve been bizzzzzy getting all this together this morning Amanda! It’s fabulous! Makes our little country look like an amazing place to visit :o))

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