Irish Therapy

This is what we’ve been up to:
sleeping, walking (a lot), eating (a lot), shopping (a fair bit – only the bargains, mom).

So here’s a few shots to document it. These are mostly restaurant/foodie phots because the shopping … well, to be honest, I drag mounds into the fitting rooms so I’ve got no extra hands to be snapping away. Plus, those shopping memories are just so sweet you don’t even need photographs to remember them ;)

We were picked up by a very lovely and hospitable Irish family – they had beds with electric blankets, hot showers, two towels each (one for the bod, one for the hair), even a little paper on our nightstands with the wifi password! So spoiled! After a wonky/jetlagged night, we awoke and hopped on the train from Moira to Belfast.


We were picked up by our wonderful friend, Tory, and then later headed downtown by ourselves as uni was calling her name. This here is Harlem Cafe in Belast.

2013-03-06_001 2013-03-06_003

Cute cute venue. I had carrot & coriander soup with a cranberry & brie panini. The soup was delish but not gonna lie, coulda left the panini.

2013-03-06_002After a good long look at the shops (okay, and maybe a few purchases), we met Torylicious for some evening grub at Made In Belfast.


The decor here is also super wonderful ♥

2013-03-06_004 2013-03-06_007  2013-03-06_009 2013-03-06_006 2013-03-06_005

My salmon was cooked to perfection.


Sarah went for a lamb dish mixed with a yummy chickpea concoction. Judging from the continual mmm noise she made, it was pretty alright.


Tory opted for the flat iron steak with gigantic onion rings and chips. Equally amazing.


Then we decided against splitting one dessert … banoffee, brownie and cheesecake. Pigly wiglys we are!


2013-03-06_014 2013-03-06_013

Needless to say we went to bed with full bellies. The next morning, we walked down to Avoca for a light brunch. Avoca is a shop with millions of cute items – you could spend hours upon hours just oohing and ahhing over the cuteness. (These little iPhone shots don’t begin to do it justice.)


2013-03-06_041 2013-03-06_039


To the locals, Primark is probably comparable to Urban Planet (which I love, PS). But unemployed folks like me are all over a good Chinese bargain. I got 2 jackets for 5 and 10 pound ♥ Quite handy since it’s a little chillier than I anticipated.


Hot chocolate & whipped cream break!


Sarah doin’ some damage!


After a successful day, we took Tory’s advice and hit up AMPM for supper. I sooo regret not having my big hulking camera here. I still may go back to get some decent shots.

2013-03-06_037Is this not the most adorable thing you have ever seen?!! Oh my goodness. Sarah and I just had to sit there and gawk around for quite some time because we could hardly take in all the cuteness.  2013-03-06_035 2013-03-06_034

Romantic little lights, flowers strewn all over the roof and walls, ginormous gold-framed mirrors … every centimeter of the wall was covered with some sort of artwork or decor. Obviously, I wouldn’t want a house with this much clutter (can you imagine cleaning it!) but for a little date-night? Oh … soo perfect.

2013-03-06_033 2013-03-06_032 2013-03-06_031

And to top it all off, I had the most amazing burger I’ve ever eaten I think. I actually never order burgers but this was a mouthwatering combo of Irish beef with some sort of chilli chutney. Mmmmm mmmm mmmmm!


Sarah had stuffed pork tenderloin stuffed with pine-nuts and apples and other goodness … although in this lovely photo it looks like a large pile of cow droppings (thanks iPhone).


Here are some classy bathroom photos to make your day.


This morning/afternoon we got to spend a little time with Tory at Cafe Conor.


Confit of chicken with a delicious chorizo mixture underneath.


Tory’s fry.


We are happier than we look here, promise :D


Walking through the freshly-sprinkled Botanics ♥

2013-03-06_022 2013-03-06_023

A poor shot of Belfast City Hall.


Self-timer … proving just how touristy we really are.

2013-03-06_025 2013-03-06_026 2013-03-06_027

A decadent afternoon revival ♥


Walkin’ home in the rain. So lovely :)

2013-03-06_029 2013-03-06_030

In the future, we may or may not decide to do more than sleep, walk, eat and shop. I’ll keep you posted ;)


3 thoughts on “Irish Therapy

  1. I didn’t want this post to end …….. either way tho it brought a smile to my face for many reasons !!!! thanks for sharing

  2. Seriously… Eat, sleep, shop, walk and enjoy (and repeat with no apologies)!! You’re at the sweet spot in life where you can afford the luxury!! Looks amazing! Xoxo

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