The Big Apple

This little beauty dropped me off at YYC late Thursday night …


A couple flights, chatty plane buddies, a bus, subway and bit of walking later and I was seein’ a whole lot of this …


Along with some of these…


Did quite a bit of walking and found the New York Public Library.


Which was pretty sick! So many neat rooms to discover.



Below is a whole room of genealogy books. Craaaazy history.



I checked out the Rockefeller Center which was also pretty neat! It’s like a fancy schmancy building with all these shops and NBC Rainbow Room and all this stuff. Yeaa I really paid attention. Nawt. I more or less meandered through there like a lost puppy and bought myself some delicious hot choco.

2013-03-03_009 2013-03-03_010

And then got suckered into checking out the view from the top of it ♥

2013-03-03_011 2013-03-03_012 2013-03-03_013

The big green/brown area to the left is the famous Central Park.

2013-03-03_014 2013-03-03_016 2013-03-03_015 2013-03-03_017

Free People right next to Times Square = amazing.


Times Square is seriously crazy… buzzing with energy, life, bright lights, taxis, coppers… it was lovely! But it’s not really cool to experience it alone. Like, a chinaman took this photo below. Because I had no friends at this point.


2013-03-03_020 2013-03-03_021 2013-03-03_022

Four or five level Forever XXI – wow. See that guy on the far left? He’s marching over to scold me for this photo.


Typical NYC Sights ♥

2013-03-03_024 2013-03-03_025 2013-03-03_026

My supper at a Mexican dive. Which some nice chap from Washington insisted on paying for! After much persistence I finally gave in and then booked er the heck outta there.

2013-03-03_027  2013-03-03_029

The Empire State all lit up :)



New York Post Office


The next mornin’ I sat up in my bunk bed (hostel, dorm room) and met this beautiful Dutch girlie. We hit it off and headed out to discover NYC together, rather than the loners we’d been the night before.



Took a very quick little stroll in Central Park …


Spotted the “Hotel Empire” used in Gossip Girl.


And finally! I had been looking into this kinda yoga before I even knew bout my stop in NYC. I dragged my new buddy along – so glad it all worked out!

2013-03-03_037 2013-03-03_038 2013-03-03_039

No her name’s not Amanda too. But Starbies got a little confused.


Then we met up with her New York connection – Nick from Switzerland :)

2013-03-03_040 2013-03-03_041

He toured us around on a lovely but chilly walk!


Then the crazy kid treated us to unreal food here at Hampton Chutney on the Upper West Side.

2013-03-03_043 2013-03-03_044

We had these delicious things called dosa and uttapams.


And then that was it. We parted ways :( and I got a little disoriented/lost. Sometimes I just don’t understand subways. If you get on on the wrong side of the street, you end up heading the opposite direction of what ya want. Haha. Slight problem.


When I finally found myself back at the hostel, I said goodbye to another new buddy from Vienna (Austria, not South of France like I ignorantly guessed… seriously need to brush up on my geography skills), grabbed my things and navigated to Newark Airport. The Pennsylvania Train Station at 5-6pm on Saturday night, to me, defines the words gong show. I am now a little more thankful that I drive the screeching Maxima rather than deal with that much chaos on a regular basis! Phewfta.

I then hopped on the plane to Belfast, enjoying a seat smack-dab in the middle of two more interesting people. That had lots of stories :) This little Irish lady whispered her life story to me – she was cute. And she has Celtic Thunder connections so even bettah!


I’ve just forked over some serious pound-age to get wifi so I could kill time while I wait for my other half to show up (my Sarah other half).

More adventures to come ♥



16 thoughts on “The Big Apple

  1. When Dane told me you were in NYC alone, I was ready to hop on the plane! …. and then when you told about that guy insisting on buying your dinner…. yikes! Overall, it looks like you had a fantastic experience in NYC! Glad you met up with some awesome folk…

  2. Amanda, I so wish I could have explored NYC with ya! Definitely on the bucket list…. You’re so gutsy…. I love it and I’m proud of ya!! It looks amazing. Have fun in Ireland!

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