Deadlines & Delivery. Distance. Dangit.
You know when it feels like everything is just happening to test your patience?

What I feel like doing: getting one of those hefty punching bags and going to town on it, like the most white trash woman you know.
What I’ll probably do: Nap. For a long time. Productivity can go out the window for all I care right now. I may also go to hot yoga, but that means 14 more dollars that I won’t have to spend at Primark in Ireland.

On the bright-side: the sidewalks in YYC are pretty much snow-less meaning I can dust off the heels/fun shoes soon. Thank. Goodness.

2013-02-23_001There is a 95% chance one of my brothers/sisters will anonymously comment about how I need to suck it up. But they never spent 2 months working on the most basic websites that still haven’t launched (out of my control) and 4 months away from … someone they care way too much about. And I’m pretty sure they haven’t made near as many expensive mistakes as me!
Ohhh dear.


2 thoughts on “F R U S T R A T E D

  1. Ugh. I feel ya girl – so much out of your control and you feel like you’ve been patient (and then some).. And still, here we sit. :( just hold right – things will get better.. When, I don’t know, but they will. And you know what? Shoes are a pretty good place to start at putting a smile on your face. :) so are: a coffee, a hot bath, visit from a friend and humming a hymn. I guess in a way we sorta do have to “suck it up” (haha), but it’s ok to let out a little steam every now and then. So you keep that chin up and smile on. Ok, worlds longest comment ending now. :)

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