Happy Love Day

VALENTINE [ˈvælənˌtaɪn] noun: a person singled out especially as one’s sweetheart on Saint Valentine’s Day ♥

Well … my Valentine is off gallivanting somewhere between Laos and Thailand, but that’s ok, I’ll survive I suppose. I’m wearing my big sparkly heart shirt today and my little bro thinks I’m retarded. Puhleese, can’t we be a little festive?!


I am always a little leery of putting lovey stuff on my blog but since it’s a special occasion I might let loose (just a little)!


From the day we started dating til the day he left, we saw each other all the time. It was the best thing in the world (I’ve typed and erased a million things cuz I don’t even know how to describe it without making everyone blush or groan with how cheesy I’ve become, so “best thing in the world” is all I’m gonna say). But then, December 3rd came and WHAM – he was gone, and it was like quitting smoking cold turkey (or at least how I imagine that would be). Pretty sure I went through withdrawals, and still sometimes do. The difference though, is that the quitting thing’s just not working out for me; I still want my cigarette. Hmm… I guess that’s kind of awful to compare him to a cigarette isn’t it? Maybe he’s more like chocolate. I don’t think I’ve ever been successful quitting chocolate either.

Either way, it’s shocking but I am still head over high heels. My little nana was skeptical when I first told her about him. “Oh yeah, well we’ll see how long this one lasts. Does he know your track record?” was what she said to me. So I was thrilled to announce to her not too long ago that I still have the same one.

Anyway I better not say anymore, don’t want to embarrass the poor lad. And maybe I should knock on wood so I don’t jinx myself ;) But I hope you all have a wonderful day ♥ And if you’re single – flippin’ embrace it. You’re a free bird! I was single for most of the time for a very long time and I would always recommend choosing that rather than being with someone you’re not absolutely crazy about. Just be patient and make yourself interesting.


And with that, I hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day ♥ XOXO


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