Everyone You Meet

Here’s a lovely quote courtesy of Bill Nye/Pinterest to start things off…


Saturday morning I put on my new shirt – I was pleasantly surprised to discover the lyrics to “Home” by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes, printed on the inside.


I spent the day cruising the roads & back roads of Sask and marveling at the huge sky.


Later I enjoyed a lunch of cheesecake and coffee (not much on the menu in these small towns).


And finally the trains arrived! Only to have a slight derailment about 5 minutes in …


So that kinda put a damper on the shoot :( Instead of taking website photos I ended up taking closeups of the wheels & rails so our fixers knew what equipment to haul out.


Below are some delicious brussel sprouts I’ve been chowing down on (good with coconut oil and sea salt).

Nothin’ like some frigid fresh air to clear your head …


And here are some random shots I found when going through hard-drives in search of website-worthy photos (the sites I’m working on). Does this make you miss summer or what?

2013-02-07_009 2013-02-07_010

That’s all folks ♥ My posts will get more interesting in the near-ish future, promise.


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