My Little Gypsy Life

It’s pretty fun waking up and having no clue where you’ll end up – Calgary? Saskatoon? Regina? Thunderbay? When everything rides on the weather, all you can do is wing it… which turns out to be pretty sick.

Wednesday AM I got the call to get my hiney on the road and drive to Saskatoon (from Calgary). Soo yep that’s exactly what I did – it was quite intense at some points but I mader in one piece!


Then we had a -47 (celsius) day. If you’re not familiar with that weather let me just explain what happens… stuff breaks down (or stuff gets stuck)! Therefore the trains that I was “chasing” were delayed and I found myself puttering away on my projects at the aromatic Broadway Roastery.


This morning I ventured downtown to Souleio Foods – I demolished this pretty little fruit&yogurt bowl and made use of the wifi. I’d highly recommend this place for a pit-stop.


Later I took a little walking break on Broadway – Frank&Lucy is an adorable little boutique with great visual displays ♥



So rotten lucky to enjoy this evening in luxury. Some people can’t handle being alone but I actually don’t mind the solitude sometimes – can get so much done.



Yes – didn’t even get my rubber boots off before snapping all the room pics – I was pretty stoked!


Squeaked in a hot yoga class ♥



I may be on a little bit of a sushi kick ;) This batch was sooo delicious.


As a side note/babble, I’m also stoked because pretty much every day I’ve been learning something new and exciting. I went to my first spin class (dark room, candles, blasted music, and a super-outgoing instructor), my first Moksha yoga class (been meaning to do that version of yoga forever), had my first colonic (what? too much information? it’s supposed to help eczema which is why I tried it), and quite a few other very random things that I won’t get into. It makes me hope life never becomes a routine – but on the other hand, I kinda think the days will always be exactly what you make them and the newness of life depends on how willing you are to have an open mind :)

Hope everyone’s getting their weekend off to a lovely start!


2 thoughts on “My Little Gypsy Life

  1. Ack it was so cold – love seeing our city thru your camera/eyes. Too bad we didn’t see you in person in those boots;) glad my sis got too! And yum yum that sushi!!!!

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