The Warmth of YYC

Friday morning I arrived at YQR, stoked to have a break from the ridiculous Sask weather we’ve been having, only to discover that flights were sold out :( All day long. Saturday flights looked quite sketch too so I hopped in my car and drove. Turned out to be pretty awesome though … 7 hours to clear my head, sing like a maniac, and watch the snow disappear as I drove further west.

2013-01-28_003I ♥ Calgary! It’s so warm that I had an hour or so long meeting outside on the Starbucks deck. My weekend was busy, random, interesting, and just what the doctor ordered. One of the perks was a very quick little shoot Jolynn and I did. Look at this fiery beauty!


Then we took ourselves down to a Sushi restaurant in Mission and devoured this mmm, delicious, pork gyoza.


Followed up with incredible sushi. Love this place.


Purple Perk coffee shop’s desserts were just too tempting for us to pass up ♥ Who doesn’t love cheesecake?


Sunday night I was even more spoiled with a home-cooked meal from some wicked folks in Red Deer: rib-eye steak, potatoes, veggies, salad and banana cream pie with cappuccino for dessert. Yep – fat and happy ♥


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