Blogging Revelations

It’s no secret that my blog has been a bit of a hot mess for quite some time. Maybe hot is the wrong word. Maybe big, fat, disgusting mess is more like it. This was due to a little bit of ignorance, little bit a laziness, little bit of busy-ness, and other factors that I won’t bore you with. So I went through and fixed er up a bit (you won’t notice unless you’re trying to search specific things). Apart from a few posts whose photos just decided to disappear, things should be slightly improved and organized.

Going through all that stuff (big job, btw) actually made me realize how quick everything’s happening. Life, I mean. YIKES. All I know is that my journey has been filled with so much variety; I am so lucky for my experiences. I can’t even believe the way we grow&change without hardly even realizing. Looking back on some of the posts is pretty humbling – I’m like …. “Seriously? Did I actually think that was a good photo? Pfffft. How many times did I change my logo?!? Oh I’ve just changed it again? Looovely.” – and I read through some of my rants and quotes and remember exactly what incident instigated them. Oops buddy. But it all makes me really thankful. I think the best is yet to come ♥

Here are some of my favorite posts throughout my blogging years (oldest to newest):
Kasie’s Engagement
Special Island Trip
Threshing Weekend
Infamous Spence’s Dirtbiking Party
Vancouver Day Trip
Canvas Love
New Beginnings in YYC
Clinton & Hannah: Sweet Love Story
Reminiscing About Greece
Quote Selection: I Only Post The Good Ones
Music Selection: Again, I Only Post The Good Ones ;)

Reflection is good, interesting, and enlightening… but I’m most excited for what’s ahead. Enjoy ♥


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