Guess what? There is this fancy little gadget on the back-end of my blog that shows page views, unique hits and stats about my blog readers.
I know people are keeping tabs. And I’m happy for that, but I wanna hear from you! Leave me a comment :)

PS: I’m not gonna think you’re weird. I follow blogs too ♥
Cute picture below via Pinterest or Tumblr or something – sorry, no proper credit available!



5 thoughts on “Psst…

  1. Reading your blog and seeing your beautiful photos just makes me smile! You seem creative and sweet, and fashionable and talented and positive and very much a kindred spirit and all that… it really makes me wish we were good friends in real life! Keep on doing what you do girl :)

    <3 Kelly

  2. I think your blog is fantastic and fresh. Enjoy catching up with your life via the world wide web…Nice to see where the past Rocanvillians are hangin’ their hats!

    1. aw cool! that’s sweet – i have this memory of riding with you to some tractor dealership in moosomin, and i member thinkin you were so grown-up cuz you could drive a standard. haha – hope all’s well with you and your family :)

      1. great work.. can’t be too many creative fun lovin’ people in this world- inspiring to read and follow- keep it up!

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