Learning Curves

If you follow my blog or instagram, you might be like … “What the hang? Is this girl in Calgary or Regina? I thought she was in school? She has a job? She doesn’t have a job?”

Ok, in reality probably nobody is actually that interested or concerned. But due to the fact that my life has been a whirlwind of changes lately, here is a little update.


Number 1: I quit my schooling at SAIT. Yep. I am a college dropout. I won’t get into the details because I tend to ramble&rant, but the bottom-line was just that it wasn’t a good fit. Expensive mistake? Yes. Was I kicking myself over and over about how maybe I’m actually just a quitter and can’t stick with anything? Yes. Do I worry about what people think of my decision? Mm, sort of. But I’d rather deal with a reputation for a few years than have a big fat student loan and a career I’m not passionate about :)

For the record: I don’t necessarily believe that college&uni are always the best way to learn. (It’s quite probable that you’ll get an instructor or two that is full of balogna.)  It’s programmed into us since we are teenagers in school – “get an education” – but there are a million ways and resources to do so, especially in our day and age.

Number 2: I got a part-time job at ESPY (read post here), which was very short-lived. My main purpose for getting that job was to learn, not to acquire a large income. I wanted to see first-hand what makes an independent retail business tick, and what kind of challenges it must overcome. Well, did I ever learn. It became very evident to me that the retail industry is much more complex and risky than one would initially assume. Hats off to the ESPY team and the way they stick-handle challenges. However, once again, I felt like it wasn’t the right fit for me. Everything in me right now wants to write more of the story to justify my decision, but I won’t. I’ll just repeat what someone recently explained to me (about my personality-type) …

“Only a worthwhile goal will do.”

Career-wise, worthwhile to me = something I’m passionate about, something that allows me to generate a decent income, something that will not burn me out by the time I’m 30, and something that will eventually be flexible/kinda free.

Sound picky? You betcha. We spend a good percentage of our lives working, so in my mind choosing/building a sweet career is almost as important as choosing a sweet man. It’s never a good idea to settle for less. And, by the way, making mistakes is a very effective way to learn. Soo, I will continue to enthusiastically start things, disappointingly/cringe-ingly quit things, and torture anyone within hearing distance with my far-flung notions – until I find my niche.

♥ Number 3: I’m back in Saskabush. Temporarily. Even though I was trying really hard, when I left Mobil Grain in the fall there were a couple marketing projects that got tossed aside. This presents a great opportunity for me now: I can focus solely on these tasks while working in the quietness of home, I can make better money than I would elsewhere (don’t have to start from the bottom of the barrel cuz I’ve worked for them so much), and I can buy myself some time to figure out what’s next. I don’t intend to be in Sask for very long. My heart’s in Calgary. Or at least it will be when my boyfriend gets home :) But for now this is a win-win solution for Mobil and Me! I will post updates on my projects as they are going to be pretty sick. We’re gonna freshen up the current website, build some new ones for new companies, and implement a bid-update system for farmers that they will love!

If you’re eyes haven’t watered over with boredom… congrats, impressive! Now you know what’s up. Ask me how many times I’ve had to explain all of the above in the shortest possible amount of words … 2938402938! Maybe even more. And each time I get just as flustered because there is not a simple answer :P Oh well, I’m living and learning and if I do it a little differently than everyone else, so be it ♥ Happy Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Learning Curves

  1. well amanda.. im thinkin writin may be a rather good option for ya:) i hate reading and i just read all of that and loved it! love your blog! and we may be in the same undecided boat haha

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