Beloved Greece

Sigh. Oh Greece. These photos are so unfashionably late it’s not really even cool. But MAN was this a good part of the trip.

I remember this meal vividly. We had been roaming the streets of Pireaus for hours, very lost, with all our heavy bags (we’d shopped at little excessively and this was the last stint of our trip), taxis were on strike and we were so hungry. We finally got to the hotel… thank GOODness it wasn’t a dive – it even had A/C! We ditched our bags and practically sprinted to this little spot for our first Greek meal. It was delicious.

And here we are on our first island stop, Mykonos. We were stoked about our accommodations.

We stocked up on Greek salad ingredients and rented some more mopeds…

and away we went.

Starbucks in Greece ♥

Hi there Santorini! Yep, you’re just as awesome as you look in Mama Mia and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Please – if you go to Santorini, do yourself a favor and visit Mama’s House. You won’t regret it.

And make sure to order a plate of Santorini Tomato Balls.

High-speed donkey rides ♥

More donk riding.

Packing, re-packing – such a burden.

Bussing it to Corfu.

Making use of our last morning of sunshine before a series of buses, trains and planes back to ol’ Canada.


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