Croatia & Turkey

When traveling isn’t an option, all you can do is reminisce. I never did finish posting photos of my European trip so that’s what’s happening right now. Stay tuned for Greece ♥

Zagreb, Croatia at about 4am.

Alone no more! Teg and I were finally joined by our Edmonton buds at Golly&Bossy Hostel in Split, Croatia.

Moped-ing it up… I believe it was a few short minutes after this picture that we had a slight wipe.

Diocletian’s Palace – Split, Croatia

En route to Dubrovnik – one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever been on (I couldn’t even capture it).

Pit-stop in Bosnia.

Dubrovnik, Croatia.

What our “game-planning” sessions looked like.

Welcome to Istanbul ♥

The Blue Mosque

And of course, The Grand Bazaar.

Turkish boots galore ♥

SO much unique stuff in this one little shop.

Ya gotta watch out for those Turkish salesmen – they’ll gitchya :D

These girls splurged!

The Turks know how to do food. Mmm…

You can’t go to Turkey and not do a hamam (Turkish bath). Quite the experience I tell ya.

You are only seeing the after. The during would scar you for life :D

On to Izmir and then Ephesus, Turkey…

Sheesh – the shooter musta loved her husband’s gut so much she thought we should enjoy it for years to come too.

So much food for so cheap – in the shabby part of Izmir. Still delicious though!


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