Roots and Other Jabber

This is super duper random but I came across this little display and a bookmark print I threw together for a family reunion a few years ago. It’s nothing too crazy design-wise but it kind of relates to Remembrance Day so I thought I’d share it. I just love learning about the old days and our family heritage. And I also love making setups or things that visually display interesting information/thoughts/art/etc.

On that note, I have some major dreams and ideas swirling around inside my head (they’ve been around for the last few years) that I so badly want to pursue… but the problem is it’s so hard for me to explain to other people, especially ultra-practical people, what I have in mind, how I need to go about it, and how I can make it profitable. To some, I think it seems totally unrealistic and crazy but I just have this fire of determination like I know I could make it work. I have half a mind to go for it anyway ♥ We shall see…

These bookmarks were chopped in half (obviously) and then stamped with the vintage Affleck seal from one of the olden-day schools. Its so cool thinking that behind these photos are six unique and probably beautiful love stories ♥


3 thoughts on “Roots and Other Jabber

  1. Crazy ideas are what make the world go ’round. Here’s a classic ‘if i had a dollar for every…’ moment. It is definately the number of times in a day I ask myself if I am truly insane! I definately have been told that by a few country bumpkins who think a) women shouldn’t have lives besides raising a family ( which i am trying my hardest to rebel against for as long as possible) and b) that why would you take something as useless as interior design and be an educated housewife? Well ya. Moral of the story…As crazy as I am for being a nerdy designer I would be a lot mentaller if i wasn’t! So basically GO FOR IT!

  2. love this all………. and I say roll out those big ideas/ dreams and make em happen …….. and don’t worry bout the people who don’t think it’s possible. ;) hugs

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