Livin’ The Dream

…Because that’s what I’m doin! Here is why it’s so awesome:

-School is sick (in a good way). Its a steady flow of big projects but a lot of them are fun and don’t feel too much like work. I’m using the ol ‘ Macbook Pro, my Bamboo Tablet, my Rebel and go-to Sigma lens, Bose headphones, a Yeti microphone and the Adobe Suite programs.

-We’ve been finding the cutest coffeeshops in town to work in… the perfect atmosphere to get stuff done.

-I have 3 wonderful room-mates and I get to cook a fair few suppers which they always pretend to enjoy.

-It’s fall! And the leaves in Calgary are staying forever so it’s gorgeous.

College food staple: toast, avocado, tomato and s&p. So simple and tasty.

Got home late Saturday night for Thanksgiving. Took my little sisters (and company) to Winners on Monday. Ahh missed our Winners!

Monday night and the looong drive home…

During the Thanksgiving weekend I was supposed to shoot a short video with my little sisters for one of my classes. But it was such a quick trip and we were so busy socializing, shopping at Winners, fixing the Maxima, etc. that I never had time. So Tuesday morning (about 10am) as I was sitting in class I decided to fly back home and shoot the darn thing. At 12pm the plane took off and I was YQR-bound. Oh the JOYS of having an awesome WestJet buddy! And to top it all off I got to squeeze in some quality time with her Tuesday night.

The girlies decked out for my video (which I’ll post soon).

Flew back early Wednesday morning in time for a breakfast date with my long-lost cousin and Regina room-mate. We found this adorable spot just outside of Kensington and mmmm was it ever delish!

Homemade sweet potato fries, pumpkin pie, and potato soup ♥ (Different nights) ♥ I love cooking. It’s such a good diversion from schoolwork.

Sunday night trip to Chapters ♥ A beautiful cookbook, a coding book for all things HTML & CSS (need all the help I can get), and a double-disc Mark Knopfler steal. Followed up by a beautiful evening with homemade quesadillas, chai tea and cuddles on the couch.

Morning hot yoga ♥ The best. Although its near impossible to beat the incredible class at Yoga Haven Regina with Faye (that I unfortunately discovered right before I had to move away). 2 classes Tuesday, 2 classes Thursday, 1 class Saturday and another Sunday > you Reginians MUST check it out (and tell her I sent you). She is an awesome instructor and you will feel AMAZING after.

If the leaves could just stay yellow/red/orange forever that’d be alright with me ♥


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