The Weal: Kingdom Of The Bees, SAITSTYLE

So I decided to try my hand at journalism for kicks (SAIT has a student newspaper called The Weal). I was given the assignment to interview 4 young Calgarian glass-blowing artists who operate a nifty little business called Bee Kingdom. I popped into their garage-turned-studio, conducted my first interview, and watched as they demonstrated their art (which, by the way, takes a fair bit of stinkin’ talent). If you got time to kill you can read my article here.

The lovely lady featured below is Miranda, a pretty rad SAIT student who agreed to do a quick photo shoot in between classes and result-ingly, is the first to be featured in The Weal’s SAITSTYLE column. I’m stoked to do more style articles! Next week’s lucky lady is in the press queue and I’m already on the prowl for fashionistas for the week following (which may end up being a guy if I spot one).

The article? Pretty straight-forward:

SAIT style
by Amanda Affleck, Weal Writer | October 12, 2012 | 8:55 pm

Trendsetting looks on campus

This week, The Weal set out to find the most fashionable fall style on campus. Student Miranda Schneider was spotted in the Stan Grad Centre, sporting a covetable ensemble of casual cozy knits and eclectic vintage accessories.

Name: Miranda Schneider
Program: New Media Production & Design
Spotted: Stan Grad Centre

Wearing: Jeans by The Garage, sweater by Aerie (from Winners), bracelets collected from friends and thrift stores, necklace (vintage) from Decades, shoes by American Eagle (thrift store find).

The Weal: Describe your personal style.
Schneider: A series of cozy coffee shop outfits.

The Weal: What is your fall must-have item?
Schneider: Wolf sweater, of course.

The Weal: What is your favourite store in YYC?
Schneider: Value Village.

The Weal: What is the biggest fashion turn-off on a guy?
Schneider: Fedoras. Unless you are Johnny Depp or a cool metrosexual guy, you have no license to wear one.

Tell us about your SAIT Style and get featured in The Weal at

So anyways its fun to get involved even if it is pretty minor! I’d like to challenge myself more in the writing department because it’s an art in itself AND… a pretty useful skill in the marketing industry (where I may someday end up, who knows). You will likely see more of The Weal posts on here.

Now enough procrastinating and back to my Audio project that’s due at midnight. STINK. I wish I was as passionate about Logic Pro as I was about shopping and eating.


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