[instagram goodies]

And here is the update :) I’m now a citizen of Alberta, a student at SAIT, and [still] a lover of life!

The day I left Mobil Grain :( They caught me off guard with a pizza party as I was actually headed for yoga. So thankful for the amazing help that took my position!

After a day of hustling/bustling/packing, we headed west on the ol’ Trans Canada!

So far, I ♥ SAIT.

Was very lucky to have the fam-jam around (including my parents and the maniacs below) to help get setup.
Sidenote: They have this thing with Swiss Chalet-we don’t have it in Regina anymore so it’s just suuuch a treat. Go figure :P

Let the food pics begin! I love cooking. Got a bit to learn but it’s so fun to experiment :)

It took me a few days but I finally managed to settle on a clothing display/organization system. I just can’t fight the fact that nothing beats having everything hung up! It’s so handy and way easier to make outfits.

The Roasterie ♥ One of the many quaint and lovely places in Kensington.

I have an idea. This is it in the beginning stage. We’ll see if it works (I’ll keep ya posted).


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