Sneak Peek: Clinton & Hannah

Where do I even start? When Hannah called me awhile ago and asked me to shoot her and Clint’s wedding, I couldn’t turn it down. Hannah is a creative woman after my own heart and I knew she would put so much effort into the special details; she did not disappoint! Generally speaking, I’ve retired from weddings… but I’m so glad I got to do this one :)

This North Bay, Ontario wedding took place last weekend. Between now and then I’ve finished up at my workplace of 3 years, packed up and moved provinces, done a couple of side photo shoots, and semi-started school in a massive city! Needless to say it’s been a exhilarating (but exhausting :P) whirlwind of a week. I’d hoped to have posted these sooner but tonight is the first time I could force myself to stop.everything.and.sit.down.

Hope you’ll enjoy this sneak peek! I’ve got lotsa work ahead of me but looking forward to re-living Hannah and Clinton’s beautiful day as I edit away ♥

(This little white Bible below has been in the family for generations. The hand-written page is a list of every couple whose day it has been a part of.)

Absolutely stunning ladies!

A for effort right? (I’m not too experienced in the sparkler shots but I’ll try to get better in the coming days!)

Harley & Hunters


2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Clinton & Hannah

  1. Amazing captions Amanda….. oh how we love reliving this day,, thank you for bringing them to life through your pictures!!! and b-t-w i luv the ‘sparkler’ shot…. Janet

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