[instagram goodies]

Tidbits (pretty random ones) of this busy little life. Lot of these were on instagram. @amandaaffleck if you’d like to follow [I have to accept you first though]

Who else completely ♥s instagram? Next we need that Postalpix app to come available for Canada so we can print all our fav shots directly from our phone and have em arrive in the mail like nothin. Brilliant eh.

This lovely little face delivers us the mail everyday. He was appropriately attired for the psycho weather we were having.

Squeezed in a little rider game! Aaand we won.

And off we went to Newfoundland! Some of the below shots are from sweet little Sarah.

How To Talk Yourself Onto A Large Harbour Ship That No One’s Allowed On
Step 1:

Step 2:

Back to w o r k …

My vintage find that I’m super stoked about ♥

I have a surplus of boy cousins… [every last one of em is a catch-n-a-half]

I can’t be the only one who drives like this… [early monday morning]

More work stuff. Just because this picture exists does not mean I’m any good at driving this rig.

Gettin’ er done with my awesome new help…

One decor project I was doin turned completely crappy in a hurry, so I smucked it together into these lil bookies. Added some feathers. Meh. Whaaatever.

Day trip to YYC to figure out housing. It appears that I’ll be living right down the road from Starbs… hmm…

Cute little girlies this eve. Literally licked their plates clean ♥


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