St Johnny’s

As previously alluded to, I had the absolutely wonderful privilege of hitting up Canada’s far east coast last weekend. It’s taken me a week but I’ve finally got all of my documentation in order and ready to share it with you :) I have to say this was one of the greatest trips EVER. Sarah and I get along lovely; we’re just all around on the same page about pretty much everything (“pretty much”…our taste in men is different, :D, minor detail…). When you have an awesome travel partner, it makes for an awesome trip. We definitely made the most of the 3 days we had!

After a restless red eye flight and 3.5 hour time change, we took our haggard little bodies to Rocket and fueled up on yummy fruit salad.

See what fruit salad does to you? It makes you look this good :) Ain’t she a beaut!

We fell in love with the zillions of wooden flower boxes hanging from the windows. Such a dainty little touch.

Sometimes I feel like there’s not enough ‘in-between meal’ pictures hence making it look like we’re just a couple fatties who eat non-stop. We definitely love our food, but let me justify this next picture by telling you that we walked up and down and up and down the hilly streets of downtown St. John’s for several hours before digging into this fresh tuna dish. My in-between photos just weren’t blog-worthy :P

After some more walking, we stumbled upon Newman’s Historical Wine place. I don’t actually remember the official name but it was a little dungeon/cellar place where port wine was stored back in the day. It was actually kinda neat.

Sarah had a little trouble focusing ;) Heehee

Thing’s just got really classy…

Down by the harbour ♥


And then we walked up Signal Hill, which isn’t for the fain of heart or legs, btw.

After our hike and a ton of walking, we found a cute little supper place called Yellowbelly. I didn’t take my camera (just iPhone) which is a crying shame because we had a major winner of a supper. If you’re going to St. John’s, go to Yellowbelly.

Back to our safe haven @ Captain’s Quarters. Snicker. We were asked by many a cab driver how we ended up staying there.

After a much needed little bit of a sleep-in, we had brunch at The Gypsy Tearoom. Such a delight ♥

Sarah had a fancy omelet stuffed with all sorts of little goodies (spinach, bacon, goat cheese).

Mmm. I went all out. This little number is Wild Berry Stuffed French Toast, with chocolate, maple syrup, and whipped cream. Hahaha… sweets for the sweet I always say!

Makin’ plans… “It’s Sarah, yeah Sar-ah, I said Sarah, S-a-r-a-h, yeah like Sarah”
Yes that is my gnarly iPhone sitting there. People make fun cuz it’s so unlike the rest of my wardrobe but hey, sometimes ya gotta be practical and I drop my phone a million times a day.

Definite Highlight: Quidi Viddi Village
Wow did we love this place.

It all started with this shot… some bystanders asked if we both wanted to be in the picture. We said sure. They said c’mon onto our dock. They led. We followed.

A couple out-of-focus, awkwardly-cropped pictures later, and we had a semi-decent one.

Then came the music…
PS (Aren’t they the cutest!!)

Then came the fish gutting…

And lastly, the opportunity of a lifetime. Who wouldn’t want to fondle a freshly-butchered fish with guts pouring out?

Several weddings were being shot in the area (and I can see why… it’s beauuutiful).

Is this not soo darling? If I’m not an old maid I plan to honeymoon in this very cabin. How cozy would that be! Wonder if it has a fireplace…

I’m all about the jumping pictures, even if they are the most overused thing in the world. Who cares, it’s fun… we laughed like a couple of giddy schoolgirls taking these (most of them I can’t even put up cuz skirts + jumping = woooo! not blog material).

Twirling :D

Don’t worry, Sarah is thankful that I cropped her out of this one… ;)

Some lovely little man let us take a wee photo on his boat.

Here he is :) We had been invited for a boat ride with a group of people so we asked him what he thought (if it was safe or too rough, etc.). We gathered, through his thick Newfie accent, that it wasn’t such a good idea… the captain had lost a man at sea not so long ago. The adventurer in us would’ve loved to hop in but sometimes it’s good to listen to the little man! Isn’t he adorable too?!

In between the previous shot and this, we found a mall. Nuff said. This was at a little spot called Blue on the Water. It was pretty fancy-dancy.

In an effort to capture the overall vibe of the restaurant, I creeped in on this couple’s date.

I hardly even think these are worth putting up as they’re poor quality (the downside to these dimly-lit locations). On the left is fresh fish on a bed of greens. On the right is gnocchi (I think) with pear, apple, almond, etc. I remember the taste but I don’t remember all the ingredients. This probably wouldn’t be my top top top restaurant in St. John’s… a little overpriced.

The lantern festival we were planning on going to had been postponed due to weather. So I carried my stinkin’ tripod all the way downtown (burden) for nothin? I think not. Let the harbor-side photoshoot begin…

I hope no one takes us seriously. Cuz we don’t take us seriously.

Oops! Caught the attention of yet another old man – this time he was a sailor. We chitchatted away to him for ages, nice old chap…

It pays to make friends with old men. After talking to his chief captain and the skipper, we convinced them to give us a tour of the boat! Man, so interesting. Ship life is a whole new world to us prairie girls. The inside was spic & span (we weren’t allowed to take pictures), the crew was well-mannered, and we even got coffee mugs! I was quite tickled :)

Sunday lunch with some of Sarah’s contacts.

Rice wraps ♥ Deadly.

Sarah’s old home… she’s a spittin’ image of her gorgeous mother.

We did some whale watching at Cape Speer.

Whale watching = success. Ok that was mean, but people shouldn’t let their crack hang out.

Lobster :)

The remains.

If anyone wants to buy me one of these adorable blue houses, just let me know.

The epitome of gorgeous wooden flower boxes ♥

Railroad’s in my blood now…

The lantern festival commences (finally)…

I’d been to a lantern festival in Tofino (the opposite end of Canada-west coast) before and loved every second of it. This one was beautiful too… done a little differently but still so pretty. St John’s followed up with a Fire Show.

Hot water + lemon to warm us up post lantern show.
This was the best/worst decision we made all weekend. The lantern show finished late. We were hungry. It was our last night. We loved Yellowbelly a lot. So we went back. Yep, this is when it’s perfectly ok to refer to us as fatties because not only did we go back, we spa-luuurged.
Sidenote: If we go to the same restaurant twice in one weekend, you better believe that place is flippin’ amazing. We’re picky!

Black bean and other-desireable-ingredient nachos.

Unreal. Brie, apple, almond slivers, some sort of sweet chutney sauce, flatbed “rustic” pizza. Wow. Melt-in-your-mouth kind of thing.

Wash it down with a side of the most delicious carrot cake you’ve ever tasted….

We.could.not.move. We got home, flailed ourselves onto the rock-hard beds and jus’ groaned. So bad but oh sooo good.

Bright and early Monday morning… off we go!

The end ♥


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