[instagram goodies]

Playing a little catchup today – here’s a peek into a busy little week (or two).

Creamy mussels and garden salad at Rock Creek – one of my favorite restaurants in Regina, flavor-wise.

A peachy day running errands, wearing my floral dress from Lynny, and sippin’ on freshly squeezed Maui Juice.

Arrived in Edmonton just in time to catch the amazing Red Piano show Friday night. Seriously the neatest thing ever.

Breaky in the artsy part of town ♥

Poached eggs on [get this] corn-bread with back-bacon and some really good spices … sounds like weirdest combo but was so tasty. On the right is a big ol cinnamon bun and some fruit salad.

And onto the change rooms … ohh boy.

Sunday salmon :)

To top it all off, fresh cinnamon buns and blueberry cheese-cake to die for.

Plane delays in Calgary and hopin’ there’d be room on the flight for me (stand-by).

Outta luck! Got to stay at this ritzy little joint though, 140 bones (the Ash-influence is startin to show) later.

Monday night shenanigans featuring the beloved army jeep.

Garth Brooks hanging out with Julie and Pebbles.

Sask had some wild weather last week!


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